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SOLVED: The Application Failed To Initialize Properly (0×80000003)

Few days back when i was formatting my office computer i had gone through the strange problem. After installing windows XP Service Pack 2 Media Center Edition when I tried to install MS Office 2007, I found following error message. The Application Failed To Initialize Properly (0×80000003). Click [...]

7 Ways To Clean Up Your Hard Disk To Make Free Space And Improve HDD Performance

With the growing technology, hard drives are going larger and larger. When I bought my first PC, it came with 80GB Hard drive, which was very big size at that time, and Today I have 1TB+160GB but still I find them small. The only reason is the entertainment. We are filling our hard disk with huge [...]
Do You Have Only One Gmail Email Address? No, You Are Wrong, Read This

Do You Have Only One Gmail Email Address? No, You Are Wrong, Read This

Yesterday I came to know about the great Gmail functionality. I wanted to signup to some online service multiple times as I was working on testing and development of the system and as we all know signing up multiple times with same email address is just not possible, so we need multiple email [...]

How To Keep My Pc Virus Proof Without Paid Antivirus Software?

Actually, you don’t have to buy any antivirus software at all… Confused? Let me explain the issue in details… When your computer gets infected with computer virus, first thing you do is to install good antivirus software and try to clean your system, right? But that’s not the solution, because of [...]

Types of Touchscreen Technology: Which is Better?

Now every thing going touchscreen including mobile, smart phones, tablets and with introduction of windows 8 from Microsoft, laptops and pcs also. The only Television remained to go touch screen. We all have used touchsceen gadgets, but do we know there are 4 different technologies for touch screen [...]
battery saving tips

7 Tips To Improve Your Smart Phone / Tablet Battery Life

With growing technology, today every one has smart phones and tablets near by. Technology is great, we enjoy entertainment on smart phones, watch movies on tablets but as we all know, the biggest drawback it the poor battery backup of such high end gadgets. Although this limitation will always be [...]

What If Online Transaction Fails While Shopping?

Well, we all are doing online transaction for shopping, for mobile recharges or to make bill payments, right? Have you ever thought what you will do when transaction fails but money is debited from your bank account? The reason of transaction failure can by anything, including power failure on [...]

7 Steps To Be Safe While Shopping Online Using Net Banking

With increasing use of technology in banking sector, the number of frauds, on line threats has also been increased. Many peoples are being victims of such a fraud every now and than. The only way to be safe from such possible threats is to be equipped with safety tips and basic internet security [...]
Bulk Rename Your Windows Files Without Software

Bulk Rename Your Windows Files Without Software

Video Tutorial on how to do bulk file/directory renaming without using any special software To rename we are using here command prompt (DOS Command) command in windows, the command is “Ren oldname newname”, using this command we can rename single file… But to do bulk file renaming what we will do [...]
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